Pictures From Bataan and POW Camps


Bataan Hospital

(James Litton)

Bataan Refugees

Filipinos in a makeshift shelter who fled the hostilities, on Bataan, for safety behind USAFFE Lines.

(Philippine Free Press)

Filipino Burial Detail in Camp O'Donnell

This image is listed in the National Archives and in many other places as a picture of the Death March.  They are mistaken, it is a picture of one of the endless Filipino burial details in Camp O'Donnell.

(National Archives)

Lt. General Masaharu Homma with his Lawyers and Translator, at the his War Crimes Trial in Manila.

Gen. Homma led the Japanese Invasion Force which captured Bataan and the rest of the Philippines.  Gen. Homma was found guilty of the War Crimes which stemmed from the bombing of Manila, while it was Declared an "Open City", the Atrocities Commited during the Death March, and for the Miss-Treatment of American and Filipino Prisoners, during the Time Frame of his Command.  Gen. Homma was Executed by Firing Squad.

(National Archives)

Filipino General Vicente Lim (far left) with his staff, on Bataan.

Gen. Lim, a West Point graduate, was the commander of the 41st Infantry Division, PA.  Gen. Lim was executed by the Japanese Imperial Army.